Liaoning Fine Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd.

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        betway官网_必威体育最新版下载_必威体育手机登录 located at east of the beautiful Yalu River,emerging coast city—Liaoning Donggang. The city has the beautiful scenery and pleasant weather;borders on Yellow Sea with the convenient transportation;The fine quality water is advantage to produce high quality product of chemical industry.

        betway官网_必威体育最新版下载_必威体育手机登录  is a high new technology enterprise engaging in researching、producing and managing the advanced chemical products.Developing the new product unceasingly according to the customer request and the market demand,has formed the textile dye,the dye intermediate,the printer ink,the lumber modified product,  Magnesium hydroxide and so on multi-serial productes production and the management system.The product with high quality,not only in domestic market,but also export to many other countries,getting the customer's approval and the praise.Liaoning Fine Chemical has many modernized production workshops and the production line,with the excellent equipment,the abundant technical force abundant,the complete scientific research system, and advanced instrumentation and examination method. The company has the formidable technical research and development ability.Depending upon the formidable technical ability and the consummation product quality safeguard system,the company has won user community’s approval.We sincerely hope our customers satisfy in Liaoning Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd.,and share the joy of success!